June 14, 2020

Generating a full-stack application from a database

DBCore can now generate a TypeScript/React CRUD UI that is automatically hooked up to the generated REST API (in Go).

The UI has full support for login, viewing (and filtering), editing, and creating database entities.

PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL are supported.

How to use?

The goal of this project is primarily to provide as much useful boilerplate as possible for full-stack applications. The system is probably not sufficient to be an entire application development platform. It's currently missing hooks, overrides, and per-row/per-table authorization.

The UI code generation may be even less useful in the long-term than the API because UIs are by necessity very diverse. But it is good not to need to build the same browser-side API, authentication, and routing logic again now that it's taken care of in code generation.


Here are a few screenshots of the examples/todo application. Every page here is auto-generated after reading the database schema. The browser application is hooked up to the similarly auto-generated API.

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Creating a table entity
Viewing all table entities
Filtering table entities
Viewing an individual table entity
Editing a table entity