December 5, 2021

My favorite software subreddits

If you are an experienced software developer whose only exposure to reddit is dank memes, proggit or even language-specific subreddits like /r/python, you're missing out.

What follows are my favorite subreddits in tech. My criteria is that:

This list isn't hard to guess at if you consider advanced topics in software. But I wanted to share because I think it's worth explicitly supporting high-quality subreddits.

Special mention

These subreddits are on great topics but haven't been maintained well. They either need new moderators to revitalize them or there needs to be a good alternative I can point you to.


I'm still looking for a high-quality subreddit on networking internals, software-defined networking, etc. Most of the existing networking subreddits are oriented toward system/network administrators.

If there is a good one already, send me it! If there's not, consider starting it!

What am I missing?

Am I missing other amazing subreddits? Just don't say language-specific ones!