May 16, 2023

My favorite software subreddits

Originally published on December 5, 2021.

If you are an experienced software developer whose only exposure to reddit is dank memes, proggit or even language-specific subreddits like /r/python, you're missing out.

What follows are my favorite subreddits in tech. My criteria is that:

This list isn't hard to guess at if you consider advanced topics in software. But I wanted to share because I think it's worth explicitly supporting high-quality subreddits.

While some language subreddits are pretty good, they are more so a mixed bag than some of the topic-specific subreddits here. So they don't make my list, more on principle than anything else.

If there is a good one already, send me it!

What am I missing?

Am I missing other amazing subreddits? Just don't say language-specific ones. :)