June 22, 2021

Leaders, you need to share organization success stories more frequently

This post goes out to anyone who leads a team: managers, directors, VPs, executives. You need to share organization success stories with your organization on a regular and frequent basis. Talk about sales wins, talk about new services released, talk about the positive impact of a recent organizational change. Just get in front of your entire organization and tell them how the organization is making a positive difference.

Do this at least every other week.

And in case it's not clear, by "success stories" I don't mean nonsense, or opinions. I mean concrete, measurable things that moved the organization forward.

Everyone in your organization is contributing to these stories and it's your job to feed the stories back.

Leaders have a tendency to hear about successes but don't always remember to propagate the stories down. I've been guilty of this myself. This post is your (and my own) friendly reminder.

If you don't keep reminding your folks their organization is making a positive impact, they're going to forget it. You'll miss out on the freely available chance to give reassurance to your best people.

Talented folks want to be invested in an organization that is succeeding.